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Press Release: European Recommendations for Treatment of Patients Suffering from Phenylketonuria

ASIM Adopts European Recommendations for Phenylketonuria
The ASIM approves of the publication of the new guidelines  for diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from Phenylketonuria from January 2017. Published in LANCET Diabetes & Endocrinology, January 2017. The ASIM recommends the implementation of the new guidelines to all Centres for the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases.

Press Release by the G-BA / Opinions of the ASIM

The press release No. 09/2017 by the Common Federal Committee, Germany (Gemeinsamen Bundesausschuss) under §1 SGB V: Dietetic Therapy for Patients Suffering from Rare Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Mucoviscidosis to be available on presription

Pressemitteilung Nr. 09-2017 vom 16. März 2017 des G-BA – Ernährungstherapie (Press Release)

Statement of the ASIM

The Statement of the ASIM on the Medical Therapy Guidelines (Heilmittelrichtlinien – HeilM.RL) for the Common Federal Committee, Germany (Gemeinsamen Bundesausschuss – G-BA)

Outpatient nutrition consultation for rare diseases and cystic fibrosis

may be requested at the ASIM office at

Alteration of § 116b SGB V

SGB V § 116b addresses the outpatient health care by medically specialized consultants.
No. 2 specifies rare diseases and conditions with correspondingly few numbers of cases that form part of this paragraph. Listed below j) is:
Medical specialist care for children with inborn errors of metabolism

In conjunction with other registered medical associations such as the APS, the ASIM claims a modification of this paragraph. Inborn errors of metabolism do subsist for a lifetime. Especially to adults suffering from these diseases no adequate medical treatment is rendered in Germany. The limitation to children needs to be abolished in this paragraph!