Welcome to the ASIM

Association for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Adults

When patients suffering from inborn errors of metabolism reach adulthood, they often face new types of problems. As different requirements, career and relationship aspects arise, new issues appear, differing from those experienced in their childhood.

The objective of the ASIM is to foster and improve therapeutic work, continued medical education as well as to promote research in the field of inborn errors of metabolism in adulthood.
Moreover, the ASIM advises and informs physicians, nursing staff, authorities and the public on the nature and treatment of inborn errors of metabolism in adulthood.

The ASIM represents a subspecialty within internal medicine. It is a charity, non-profit association, (e. V.) registered at the local court in Frankfurt/Main and has been acknowledged a non-profit organization by the tax authorities in Hamburg-Nord.

ASIM Information Flyer [Download pdf-Dokument]