16th April 2024
Annual Meeting 2024
Inborn Errors of Metabolism – Medical Treatment by Internists
Organized by: ASIM in cooperation with DGIM (German Society for Internal Medicine)
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Agenda ASIM-Symposium 2024

Publication of new guideline „hepatorenal tyrosinemia“ by AWMF

We are pleased to announce that the new guideline on hepatorenal tyrosinemia has now been published by the AWMF (working group of scientific and medical societies) at https://register.awmf.org/de/leitlinien/detail/027-003. With this, another guideline on a very important metabolic disease has been published in cooperation with the ASIM. Children with this disorder, which has been successfully tested for in newborn screening for several years, often reach adulthood thanks to early therapy with Nitisinone and are then looked after and guided by experts for metabolic disorders. In the new guideline, the special challenges of adulthood are dealt with in a decidedly state-of-the-art scientific manner.

Prof. Dr. med. M. Merkel, ASIM 1st Chairman
Prof. Dr. med. S. vom Dahl, ASIM Treasurer


23th – 24th March 2023
Dietetics Meeting, Düsseldorf 2023:
From pediatrics to adult medicine with an eye on cultural diversity

Organized by: Danone Deutschland GmbH Metabolics Expert Centre D-A-CH
Ort: Düsseldorf
NuMe Diätetik-Treffen Düsseldorf 2023_Programm_10012023


25th April 2023
Annual Meeting 2023
Inborn Errors of Metabolism for Internists
Organized by: ASIM in cooperation with DGIM (German Society for Internal Medicine)
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Agenda ASIM-Symposium 2023

25th April 2023, time: 09:15 am
Members‘ Meeting ASIM
Location: Hotel Dorint · Pallas
Auguste-Viktoria-Straße 15
65185 Wiesbaden


7th September 2023
UPDATE PKU – throwing a glance at the lost generation and news about dental health
Organized by: Danone Deutschland GmbH Metabolics Expert Centre D-A-CH


10th October 2023
Update – Therapy of hepatic glycogenosis in adults
Organized by: Vitaflo with moderation by Prof. Klaus Parhofer
Vitaflo Einladung GSD Webinar 10 Okt 23 ASIM



1st May 2022:
Annual Meeting 2022
ASIM-Symposium: Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Adults- What are we Facing?

Organized by: ASIM in cooperation with DGIM (Dt. Ges. für Innere Medizin)
Location: Wiesbaden
Agenda ASIM-Symposium 2022

1st May 2022, 1:30 – 2:30 pm
General Meeting ASIM
Hotel Dorint · Pallas
Auguste-Viktoria-Straße 15
D-65185 Wiesbaden
Room London


22nd June 2022
Educational Seminar: Rare Diseases– „Rare but Important“
Organized by: Klinik für Endokrinologie und Stoffwechselmedizin
Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Location: Berlin


26th October 2022
„Alkaptonuria, Clinical Presentation, Management and Monitoring“ – Webinar

Organized by: Klinik für Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie und Infektiologie,
UK Düsseldorf
Online Webinar
Einladung AKU Webinar_V2


25th to 26th November 2022
196th RWGIM Convention
Update and Innovation

Organized by: RWGIM – Rhenish-Westphalian Society for Internal Medicine
Location: Gelsenkirchen
RWGIM 2022 Update and Innovation
Rheinisch-Westfälische Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin (Rhenisch-Westphalian Society for Internal Medicine)

ASIM Press Release in honour of Rare Disease Day: „A long way ahead of us“

Pressemitteilung ASIM zum Tag der seltenen Erkrankungen

ASIM issues statement to BMG (German Federal Department of Health) – ASIM supports DIG PKU’s initiative to alter §116 b SGB V: term „children“ must be changed to „patients“

SGB V § 116b addresses the outpatient health care by medically specialized consultants.
No. 2 specifies rare diseases and conditions with correspondingly few numbers of cases that form part of this paragraph.
Listed below j) is: Medical specialist care for children with inborn errors of metabolism

In conjunction with other registered medical associations such as the APS, the ASIM claims a modification of this paragraph. Inborn errors of metabolism do subsist for a lifetime. Especially to adults suffering from these diseases no adequate medical treatment is rendered in Germany. The limitation to children needs to be abolished in this paragraph!

2020_11_12 Statement BMG

Infection Risks with COVID-19 in Inborn Errors of Metabolism – Recommendations

Infektionsrisiken durch COVID.docx


Düsseldorfer PKU-Day 2021 for Adults
26th June 2021 Online-Seminar
Organized by: Department for Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Adults
Department for Gastroenterology, Hepatology und Infectiology
University Hospital Düsseldorf


Rare Diseases „The Rare within the Frequent“ Online-Lecture
22th September 2021
Organized by: Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Department for Endocrinology und Metabolic Medicine
Programm ONLINE-FB_seltene-Erkrankungen_4s_09-2021
Please note: prospectively held online – possibly with attendance, depending on pandemic situation
Please check this website for updates: https://seltene-erkrankungen.charite.de


Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Symptoms, Diagnostics, Therapy
10th September 2021 held as Online-Training Programme
Organized by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Humangenetik e. V. (German Association of Human Genetics)


ASIM Councils

Expert-Network Promotes Advancement in Quality of Medical Care

ASIM Initiates Regular Exchange Between Experts in Inborn Errors of Metabolism

„Not only patients and their family members benefit from the mutual exchange of views and experiences. In order to meet the need for regular exchange on clinical issues in the care of adult patients, the Association for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (ASIM) has extablished telephone conferences for physicians, dieticians and other experts in inborn errors of metabolism.

These “ASIM Councils” will prospectively be held two to four times a year. ASIM experts can discuss any clinical questions and problems. These may relate to diagnostics, treatment or ethical questions including specific anonymized individual cases.

As a result of the need-based exchange of information, these councils may make an essential and immediate contribution to improving the quality of medical care for adult patients. Not only physicians who have previously had little experience with patients suffering from in born errors of metabolism benefit from the knowledge of their experienced colleagues. Concomitantly, the ASIM gains an overview of the most important questions and treatment aspects, conducive for further continuing medical education and research projects….“ 1

1 published in the magazine PHEline by the Association DIG PKU (German Interest Group Phenylketonuria and Related Inborn Errors of Metabolism e.V.)

Further informationen on ASIM-Councils can be found under the heading: ASIM-Councils


23rd/24th October 2020
EGS – Galnet 2020 Zoom Webinar on the 23rd and 24th of October 2020 (Galactoseamia)
EGS – GalNet 2020 online conference


01st February 2020
Pregnancy and PKU (Curriculum Modul B)
Training Course to Prevent maternal PKU-Syndrom

Organized by: Universitätsklinik Leipzig
Stoffwechselzentrum der Kinder- und Erwachsenenmedizin
Ort: Leipzig
Vorbereitung von PKU-Patientinnen auf eine Schwangerschaft – Leipzig


26th April 2020
CANCELED:  Annual Meeting 2020
Inborn Errors of Metabolism – What are we Facing?
Organized by: ASIM in cooperation with DGIM (German Society for Internal Medicine)
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Agenda ASIM-Symposium 2020 – GB


17th July 2020
3. PKU in Focus
New Horizons: Palynziq in Deutschland

Organized by: Biomarin
Type of Meeting: Webinar
ProgrammPKUimFokus Webinar (deutsch) FINAL